New Year New You?

14th January 2017

Hey Glamdolls!

So we are half way through January already and the resolutions aren’t going so well right?

We thought we would lay on the simple steps to getting back on the track and sticking to your goal.


Choose Just One Thing

So often we make big lists or New Year’s Resolutions that become impossible to keep up. Choose your number one thing and stick to just that. Once you have stuck to it for a couple of months it will become easier to focus on new 30 day challenges to help you stick to other resolutions.


Choose a Start Date

It’s much easier to measure a goal if you have an official start date. Pick a date that will make it easier in the beginning. No point starting when you have a big event the next day!


Write it down

Anything worth it, that is going to improve your life is going to take time. Reminders on a post it on your mirror, vision boards and a reminder on your phone will help you stay on track.


Have a Plan

If you plan ahead it will make it a lot easier to stick to your resolutions. Plan meals for the week, use an app to track your movements and how much water you drink.


Get Help

Whether it be a professional such as a nutritionist, hypnotherapist or personal trainer or loved ones around you working out with you or telling you no when you reach for the cookies, ask for help. There are apps to help you stay on track so don’t be afraid to reach out.


Treat Yo’self

Lastly set up a few rewards for achieving your milestones. Book a blow dry, a holiday or a night out to reward yourself!

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